Behind our brand: Karina, E-Commerce Executive

Behind our brand: Karina, E-Commerce Executive

Hey Karina, thanks for chatting to me.

Let's start with how long have you worked here and what do you do at Laura Bond?

Hello! No problem at all, it's my pleasure. I've now been at Laura Bond for a year and a half after starting in May 2021 - I know everyone says this but it really has flown by.

I began as E-Commerce Assistant but was recently promoted to E-Commerce Executive which was a lovely surprise.

What do I do? Where do I start!

Because the business is small, I oversee a lot of tasks everyday which I really love - you never get bored at Laura Bond!

My main tasks everyday include packing all of our lovely customers orders, getting back to customer service emails, coordinating and designing all of our weekly email marketing newsletters, updating our website with new products and descriptions and writing all of our blog posts.

I also played a large part in organising our pop-up shop earlier this year which was a great experience and it was genuinely so amazing meeting all of our customers, old and new, in person.

What did you do before working at Laura Bond?

So my job with Laura Bond was my first proper 'big girl' job after graduating from university.

I did a degree in Fashion Marketing and Retailing at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, it was a lot of fun and has definitely helped me in my job here.

I was so over the moon when Laura called me to tell me that I'd got the job. A lot of university life is discussing what you'll do once you've graduated so I was just so happy to go straight into working with such a cool brand in Edinburgh.

How many piercings do you have?

I currently have six piercings including my lobes and flat helix.

I'm still fairly new to the piercing trend so I'm slowly but surely building my own curations.

Next I would love to get my rook, another third lobe and possibly my daith pierced - I just love the jewellery you can wear there.

What is your favourite piece of Laura Bond jewellery?

This is such a hard one because I work with the jewellery everyday it means I have so many favourites.

I am a fan of all things celestial so two of my top picks are definitely our 9k solid yellow gold crystal star flat back labret stud earring and 9k solid yellow gold crystal lightning bolt charm.

I am also so excited for all of our customers to see our new Winter collection because it has so many beautiful celestial pieces.

What is your favourite thing about working here?

A couple of things. Number one, and I hand on heart genuinely mean this, is getting to work with such an inspiring and motivating team.

I love the way we can all have a good laugh but then the next minute create something amazing, we make such a good team.

Secondly, which I touched on earlier, is that I love getting to work on such a broad range of projects at once. One minute you can be packing orders and then the next writing an email about a celebrity that has worn our jewellery, I love the variation of it all.

I am so grateful and feel very lucky that I really love my job here and can't wait to see where it goes.

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