Do I need a 6mm or 8mm post length labret stud?

Do I need a 6mm or 8mm post length labret stud?

Unsure on what size would be best for your piercing? Let us help.

We sell front fastening labret studs with post lengths of 6mm and 8mm.

In most piercing placements around your ear (with the exception of daith, rook, antitragus and snug which require a hoop or curved bar), you will usually be fitted with an 8mm or longer post length labret stud when initially pierced.

When you are pierced, the piercing area will be swollen and feel a little tender which is completely normal. For this reason, piercers will fit an 8mm or longer post length labret stud to allow enough room for swelling without risk of the jewellery embedding.

If you are looking to be pierced with our solid gold jewellery, one of our 14k 8mm post length labret studs should be what you need. All potential jewellery options should be discussed with your piercer before purchase to ensure they are comfortable piercing you with solid gold.

Our 14k 8mm studs are also perfect for those who find they have thicker cartilage or lobes.

Once you are fully healed and any swelling has subsided, you will usually be able to downsize to a 6mm post length. You will know when you are ready for a jewellery downsize as you shouldnt feel any pain or discomfort around the piercing site. You may also feel excess room on the jewellery which can catch on hair or clothing more easily.

Healing times differ between everyone and can take between 3 months and 2 years depending on placement and lifestyle.

If you have any questions about what size of stud is best for your own ear, we would recommend visiting a reputable piercer. They should be able to measure your ear for you and make a recommendation.

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