Our top tips for getting a new piercing

Our top tips for getting a new piercing

Planning to get your next piercing soon? Follow these tips to ensure you love your new piercing/s.

1. Choose a reputable piercer. This is one of the most important stages for safety and to ensure you are happy with your piercing placement.

2. Plan your placement before going to the piercers, especially if you have a particular piece of jewellery you would like to wear once healed. If you're early in your curation journey, it's always worth thinking about future piercings when planning placements.

3. Make sure to eat something before getting pierced to avoid feeling dizzy or faint.

4. Consider purchasing a donut or travel pillow to avoid irritation on your helix piercing when sleeping.

5. Clean healing piercing's daily with sterile saline solution and cotton buds.

6. Book an appointment for your first jewellery change with your piercer.

7. If your piercing is taking a while to heal, be patient. It is so worth the wait!


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