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Piercing inspo: conch

Piercing inspo: conch
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Whether you already have a conch piercing or you’re looking for inspiration for the future, have a read of our top tips below.
What in a conch piercing?

The conch, which gets its name from the ear’s resemblance to a conch shell, is the inner cup part of your ear.


There are two options for getting a conch pierced: inner or outer.


An inner conch is pierced towards the centre of the ear with the intention of wearing a statement stud whereas an outer conch makes way for a hoop and is pierced closer to the edge of the ear. 


It's a really versatile piercing and makes the perfect addition to curated ears.


How much will a conch piercing hurt?

Like any piercing, you can expect some degree of discomfort but it’s over quickly and in our opinion totally worth it.


If you’ve got your helix or tragus pierced expect a similar level of ouch.


How long is the conch healing time?

Like any cartilage piercing, the conch is a commitment. This piercing will often take 9 to 12 months to fully heal but timelines will vary from person to person.


Some helpful aftercare tips for healing your conch piercing are as follows:


  • Clean healing piercings daily with sterile saline solution.


  • Avoid harsh chemicals such as tea tree oil or alcohol as they can cause irritation which may prolong healing.


  • Don’t touch it or play with it. If you must then make sure you wash your hands before doing so.


  • If you’re a side sleeper, it’s good to consider getting pierced on the side you don’t sleep on. You can also use a travel pillow as pressure from your regular pillow may prolong your healing time.


What kind of earrings can you wear in a conch piercing?

A conch piercing is a perfect placement for both studs and clicker hoops.


Make a statement with something sparkly or choose daintier pieces if you’ve got multiple conch piercings.


Our current collection hosts a range of labret studs all with a post length of 6mm and clicker hoops with an inner diameter of 10mm and 12mm.


Most people are pierced with a stud that has a larger post length then size down to a smaller stud or a hoop once the swelling has subsided.


As with any new piercing, always double-check with your piercer about what size you will be able to wear once healed – especially if you have a particular piece of jewellery in mind.

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