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Piercing trends - all about daith piercings

Piercing trends - all about daith piercings
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Dare to daith?

The increasing popularity of the daith piercing is down to its ability to add balance and vibrance to your perfect curated stack. Read below to learn more about daith piercings and to browse our captivating collection.

What is a daith piercing?

As shown in our diagram, this super pretty placement is in the inner most part of the ear cartilage. Increasingly becoming THE piercing to show off the sparkliest jewellery, it has also been linked (though not proven) to reducing migraines in sufferers.

Can anyone get a daith piercing?

The simple answer is yes, for most people. However, very thin cartilage in this area will not be suitable for piercing. As with all piercing queries, it's best to discuss with your piercer.

What kind of earrings can you wear in the daith?

For comfort and maximum impact, we'd recommend a front facing hoop designed specifically for the daith.

Our current collection ranges in size from 6mm-10mm diameter and the suitability of each will vary depending on each person's ear anatomy.

Most people are pierced with a 10mm hoop initially and then can size down once the swelling has subsided.

As with any new piercing, always double check with your piercer about what size you will be able to wear once healed - especially if you have a particular piece of jewellery in mind to avoid disappointment.

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