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Piercing trends: all about tragus piercings

Tragus earrings and piercing
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This gorgeous, subtle placement goes through the small cartilage flap that partially covers the ear canal and is ideal for both studs and huggies.
Generally, as long as your tragus is large enough, you should be able to get this piercing. We would suggest popping in to see a reputable piercer to ask about whether it would be suitable for you. As well being a subtle and stylish cartilage placement, there are anecdotal reports of an improvement in people's migraine symptoms.

People often choose to wear our daintiest pieces in the tragus due to its smaller surface area. Whether you wish to keep it minimal with a small stud or go bold with a hoop and charm, our collection has pieces suitable for all. One thing to note is that this placement can be tricky to fit, so we would always recommend a labret style stud (rather than our screw backs) for its easy front fastening.  

As is the case with all cartilage, the tragus in particular can vary in thickness on each person so we would suggest checking with a piercer if you have a particular piece of jewellery in mind to be sure it is suitable for you.

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