Ear piercing diagram for cartilage earrings

How do I wear the multiple piercing trend?

Do you know your tragus from your rook? Love the multiple piercing trend but not sure how to wear it or how to achieve the look? Let Laura Bond explain all…

Humans have been piercing their ears for thousands of years – piercings are even mentioned in the bible – but the trend for dainty jewellery worn stacked in the ears is more modern trend.

For those of us who remember the 90s it was not uncommon to see people with multiple piercings but the jewellery tended to be titanium and the look was decidedly grungey. In recent times those with multiple piercings have looked for prettier adornments for their ears.

According to US piercing studio Infinite Body Piercing, the five most popular ear placements in 2017 were lobes, followed by the outer helix (the upper cartilage of the ear), tragus (the piece of skin immediately in front of the ear canal), conch (the inner part of the ear itself), and forward helix (the piece of cartilage above the ear canal, where the ear meets the face). All areas are marked up on the illustration below.

Laura Bond specialises in dainty pieces designed to be stacked in ears with multiple piercings. Our teeny tiny huggies look stunning in the tragus or rook, our flat back labret studs can be worn in most placements and we have hoops designed especially for conch and daith/septum piercings.

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