“I couldn’t find the brand selling the delicate solid gold body jewellery I wanted to buy, so I decided to create it.” - Laura

With multiple piercings herself and a background in luxury jewellery, Laura was frustrated that she couldn’t find feminine, dainty solid gold pieces at a price she could afford.

Other people seemed to be looking for the same thing and the idea for Laura Bond was born.

Following months spent sourcing manufacturers with the requisite expertise, quality and ethical standards, Laura Bond launched in 2019.

In the early days there was only Laura and her husband Doug working in their tiny home office.

In 2021 we opened a dedicated office in Edinburgh city centre and welcomed our first team members outside of our family.

During this time we hosted several sold out piercing pop-ups across Edinburgh which led us to start looking for a permanent space.

In September 2023 we grew our team even more and opened our first jewellery boutique and piercing parlour on Thistle Street in Edinburgh.

We offer luxury ear and nose piercings using our beautiful collection of 14k solid gold piercing jewellery.

In our boutique you can also browse our collections, shop for jewellery for your current piercings and get ear styling advice from our team of stylists and piercers.

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A few words from our Founder and Creative Director Laura:

I’ve been bewitched by jewellery for as long as I can remember.I love sparkly things and as a little girl one of my favourite things was to go through my mum’s jewellery box, trying on all her pieces.

I begged and begged and was finally allowed to get my ears pierced on my eleventh birthday. I still remember the first pair of earrings I changed my studs for - they were dangly silver elephants and I adored them.

I got my first cartilage piercing when I was a teenager and my love for the multiple piercings trend grew from there. As I grew up I became frustrated that I couldn’t find beautiful dainty earrings that I could afford. My style was feminine and I didn’t like the grungey piercings that all the studios stocked.

By my thirties I’d fallen out of love with costume jewellery made of cheap materials and wanted to invest in pieces that would last. There were brands making solid gold earrings with diamonds but even as a thirty something earning a decent salary they were completely out of my price range.

I kept waiting for someone to create a brand selling solid gold cartilage jewellery at an accessible price but no one seemed to be making the kind of thing I wanted to buy.

In 2019 I finally took the plunge, quit my job and created the jewellery brand that I’d been wishing existed.

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