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Fitting cartilage jewellery and aftercare


Fitting your jewellery 

To avoid any damage our solid gold body jewellery is best fitted by an experienced professional such as your piercer, especially if it is the first time you are changing it.

A piercer will also make sure the jewellery is fitted securely and confirm its suitability for the intended piercing.

Our dainty jewellery is made from solid gold and should always be handled with care as it can bend easily when too much pressure is applied. Never force your jewellery, if it becomes stuck always consult your piercer for assistance.

We would advise against using tools to fit your jewellery as this may cause damage. Some of our labret earrings (not our claw set pieces) are suitable to be fitted with our clamping forceps, please contact us with any questions before doing so.

Wearing your jewellery 

Our jewellery is made with responsibly sourced solid gold, chosen for its beautiful lustre and because it doesn't permanently tarnish or rust.

For this reason it can be confidently worn for daily activities such as showering, swimming or exercising.

Solid gold jewellery is also hypoallergenic and is extremely unlikely to cause irritation or allergic reactions, ideal for long term wear in piercings.

We advise regularly checking your jewellery to make sure it is secure and tightly fastened to prevent loss or breakage.

Caring for your jewellery

Although gold does not corrode, it may still tarnish due to exposure to body oils and cosmetics. This is most likely to happen on the part of the earring which goes through the ear such as the post.

To keep your jewellery in the best condition, we recommend cleaning your jewellery regularly. Please check our website and Instagram highlights for cleaning tips.

To protect your jewellery when it isn't being worn, we would recommend storing your jewellery in a box out of direct sunlight and away from warm, humid environments.

Our earrings are designed for fully healed piercings. We recommend being extremely careful when cleaning piercings while wearing studs in your ears. Always check your fastenings are still secure after cleaning to avoid losing your jewellery.


All of our jewellery comes with a 6 month warranty.

Please note the warranty does not cover damage arisen from normal wear and tear, accidents or misuse by the customer such as jewellery which has become bent or damaged after purchase.

Our dainty jewellery is made with solid gold and should be handled with care.

If you are not confident in changing your jewellery, we would always recommend visiting a reputable piercer to have it fitted.

If you have a query about your jewellery warranty please email us at

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