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About our jewellery

About our jewellery

All of our earrings are made with solid gold, chosen because of its resistance to rust, corrosion and hypoallergenic qualities - perfect for cartilage earrings which you may change less frequently than those in your lobes.

Pure gold (24k gold) is too soft for everyday wear so jewellery is made from gold alloyed with other materials.

We make all of our jewellery with 9k or 14k solid gold and use a mixture of silver, copper and a trace of zinc for strength and durability, we never use nickel.

About our stones

We use only the highest quality cubic zirconia stones and cultured opals in our pieces.

Cubic Zirconia (CZ) is the world's most popular diamond substitute. The stone’s durability makes them perfect for cartilage earrings and being lab-created means they are an affordable alternative to naturally occurring diamonds.
They are almost as hard as diamonds too, scoring 8.5 on the Mohs scale of hardness while the diamond scores a 10.

They sparkle beautifully and to the naked eye are virtually indistinguishable from a diamond.

Cultured opals have the same chemical composition, internal structure, physical properties and appearance as natural opals.

They are sometimes called lab-created or lab-green opals to indicate their man-made origin.

They look so similar that even trained gemologists can have difficulty separating them from natural opals.

Our earring design

Comfort is key when wearing cartilage earrings which is why all of our cartilage studs are designed with flat screw backs or internally threaded front fastening labrets.

Our signature heart shaped flat screw backs fit flat against the ear so they don't dig in while you are sleeping as traditional butterfly fastenings often do and are really comfortable to wear.


All of our earrings come with a six month warranty. Please note the warranty does not cover damage arisen from normal wear and tear, accidents or misuse by the customer such as jewellery which has become bent or damaged after purchase.

Our dainty jewellery is made with solid gold and should handled with care. If you are not confident in changing your jewellery, we would always recommend visiting a reputable piercer to have it fitted.

If you have a query about your jewellery warranty please email us at




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