Piercing aftercare and downsizing

Piercing Aftercare and Cleaning Instructions

What to expect after getting your piercing?

Initially: Some bleeding, localised swelling, tenderness & bruising.

During healing: Some discolouration, itching, secretion of a white straw coloured fluid (not pus) that will form some crusts around the jewellery.

Cleaning instructions

  • Clean your piercing until it is fully healed, which can take several months depending on the placement and your body.
  • Use a sterile saline spray to clean your piercing morning and night. Do this no more than twice a day.
  • Moisture can lead to bacteria. Dry the area well with sterile non-woven gauze or using the cold setting on a hairdryer.

 Aftercare tips

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before cleaning your piercing. A piercing is an open wound and dirty hands or fingernails can transfer bacteria.
  • Do not remove your jewellery during the healing process as it will begin to close immediately.
  • Do not clean your piercing with chemicals such as alcohol as it could cause irritation.
  • Do not turn or rotate your jewellery.
  • We suggest you avoid swimming in chlorinated pool water or freshwater lakes as your piercing heals.
  • Refrain from putting body creams, makeup, moisturizers, and perfumes directly on the piercing.
  • Do not pull or pick the dried matter because it is attached to the healing tissue.
  • Be careful not to aggravate your new piercing. Be cautious while washing and styling your hair, when putting on or removing clothing, and refrain from sleeping on a fresh piercing.
  • Use a travel pillow and suspend your ear in the center opening while you sleep.


What does jewellery downsizing mean?
Fresh piercings need larger or longer jewellery to allow extra room for swelling.

You can downsize your jewellery once the initial swelling has passed.

Why is downsizing important?
To give your piercing the best chance of healing beautifully.

Downsizing prevents the jewellery from getting snagged on hair or clothing and makes sure the piercing heals at the correct angle.

Downsizing of hoops is not always necessary unless you want a neater fit.

If you think you're ready for a jewellery downsize, please pop back in to our piercing parlour and one of our piercers will check it over.

How do I know when I'm ready for a jewellery downsize?
Once the piercing has settled and there is no visible swelling, fluid, crusting and you feel excess room on the jewellery - it's likely time for a downsize.

There isn't a concrete timeframe but we wouldn't recommend downsizing until at least 3-6 months after your appointment date. All piercings heal at different timescales which can vary from person to person.

Some important things to note
Looking after your new piercing is your responsibility. Following our aftercare advice will ensure the safe and proper healing of your new piercing.

If you are worried about your piercing being infected or if you have any concerns, please come back in to see our piercers for further advice. Do not remove your piercing until medically advised to do so to avoid trapping infection in piercing channel.

If you have any concerns after a piercing, contact our customer service team at help@laurabond.com.