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Caring for your solid gold earrings

Keep your LAURA BOND jewellery looking beautiful by following the below care tips.

Solid gold earrings

Can solid gold jewellery tarnish?

Gold is one of the least reactive chemical elements. Pure gold does not combine easily with oxygen so it stays shiny and it does not rust or tarnish.

Pure gold or 24 karat gold is much too soft to be used in jewellery so it is usually alloyed with other base metals altering its properties to make it stronger.

These metals alloyed with gold can react with oxygen, chemicals and moisture and in rare circumstances, tarnish your solid gold jewellery.

This can happen if you leave your earrings in 24/7 and shower, exercise or swim with them in.

Influences that may also contribute to tarnishing solid gold jewellery is the consistent exposure to high amounts of chemicals in perfume, hairspray, deodorants and cleaning products like chlorine and detergents. Some people's natural body oils are also more likely to tarnish solid gold than others.

Caring for your solid gold earrings

  • Clean your earrings regularly using a precious metal jewellery cleaning liquid to keep your earrings sparky and free from dirt and tarnishing - we recommend Goddard's Jewellery Cleaner.
  • You can also use an anti-tarnish jewellery polishing cloth to buff and polish your solid gold earrings.

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