Everything you need to know about septum piercings

A septum piercing is the perfect placement to show off front facing statement hoops or a simple clicker hoop.

This guide contains information about septum piercings including the jewellery you can wear and pain levels as well as aftercare tips and healing times.

What is a septum piercing?

A septum piercing is located in the thin piece of tissue up and between your nostrils. This is called the columella, also known as the ‘sweet spot’.

How painful is a septum piercing?

On the pain scale, a septum piercing ranks at a 2 or 3 out of 10 varying from person to person.

What jewellery can you wear in a septum piercing?

For comfort and maximum impact, we'd recommend wearing a seamless clicker hoop or a front facing hoop designed specifically for the septum.

Most people are pierced with a slightly larger hoop initially and then can size down to a tighter fit once the swelling has subsided if they wish.

Jewellery for healed septum piercings

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What is the aftercare for a septum piercing?

To ensure your septum piercing heals well, we would recommend the following tips:

  • Gently clean your new piercing twice daily with a sterile saline solution - we love Neilmed piercing mist. Moisture can lead to bacteria so make sure you dry the area afterwards - the cool setting on a hairdryer works well.
  • Take extra care when removing clothes and styling hair to avoid snagging the jewellery.
  • Sleep on the opposite side of your piercing or use a donut travel pillow.
  • Avoid swimming in lakes, pools or hot tubs for 2-3 weeks while the piercing is still fresh.
  • Visit your piercer for a routine check up consultation around 6 weeks after. They'll check if you need to downsize the post of your stud - downsizing can help the healing process once the initial swelling has subsided.
  • And lastly, leave it alone as much as possible and let the natural healing process occur.

How long does a septum piercing take to heal?

A septum piercing can take anywhere between 3-6 months to fully heal but this varies from person to person.

Laura says:

"One of the fastest growing piercing trends - the septum piercing is the coolest way to rock a nose piercing.

Wear a tiny seamless hoop or opt for something more intricate like one of Laura Bond’s front facing hoops."

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