Laura Bond Bridal

Laura Bond Bridal

What kind of earrings should I wear to a wedding?
If you've been wondering what earrings you should wear to your wedding then look no further than our beautiful collection of solid gold cartilage earrings for bridal and weddings.

When I got married in 2018, I didn't wear any earrings in my cartilage piercings as I couldn't find any that were pretty and dainty enough to go with my other wedding jewellery. So this season we've created the most stunning Bridal Edit of cartilage and lobe earrings.

Can I wear cartilage earrings to my wedding?

Of course! Your cartilage piercings are part of your personal style and with the choice of Laura Bond's dainty wedding earrings, you can dress your ears to match the rest of your bridal style.

What do pearl earrings mean at a wedding?

Pearls are one of the oldest bridal trends of all time. They've been worn since Ancient Greece and Rome as a symbol of bridal effervescence and as a promise of a happy marriage.

Pearls are a beautiful choice for bridal jewelry on your wedding day. They're simple and perfect and can be worn long after your wedding.

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