Glamour magazine interview - Laura Bond jewellery

In the press: Laura speaks to Glamour

Our founder Laura spoke to Glamour magazine about the increasing popularity of the curated ear trend. Whether you're just starting your piercing journey or are already adorned with our dainty pieces, Laura shares her advice on how to curate or update your stack.
The discussion:
On piercing trend predictions...
"After a year of lockdown people are desperate for a chance to dress up. Adorning their ears with eye catching jewellery will be part of this and at Laura Bond we’re predicting a return to OTT accessorising - more is more."
On the perfect ear curation...
"Everyone’s anatomy is unique, and a reputable piercer will advise you on what piercings are suitable for you. They should also take time to discuss your vision and help you achieve your dream ear look."
On advise for those starting their curated ears..
"A high lobe/lower helix piercing is a popular choice for people starting their curated ear journey. The position suits a wide variety of jewellery styles, including huggies and cute climber studs, and the healing time (5-6 months) is less than other cartilage piercings like the helix or daith (9-12 months)."
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