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Ready, Set, Go: All about our stone settings and styles

Laura Bond cartilage earrings
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Planning your next ear stack upgrade? Get to know our earrings a little better with our definitive guide to stone settings and styles.

A claw setting is made little prongs reach up and around the top edge of a crystal to secure it into place. This simple, delicate setting allows the most sparkle as light is let in from all angles.

Our bezel set studs are designed with the solid gold snuggly surrounding the full crystal. This robust design means the crystal is snug and secure while showing off a little more of the gold than most settings.

With a channel setting, the crystals are set into grooves before the solid gold is moulded over the edges. This decorative design secures the line of crystals in place whilst allowing light to pour through the stones.

In French, pavé translates to 'paved' and this jewellery setting was named due to its resemblance of a paved road. In this intricate design, the adjacent crystals are held in place by tiny prongs that resemble small claw settings for ultimate sparkle!

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