The Laura Bond story so far

The Laura Bond story so far

Hi, Doug here. Husband and business partner to Laura. When we started the business three years ago, Laura managed all the creative aspects of the business, whilst I did my best to keep everything behind the scenes running smoothly.

In the early days I’d be packing orders in our box room at home, first thing in the morning, ready to take them to our local post depot before it closed at midday. I was quickly on first name terms with the depot manager (hi, Denise) as she saw our little business take off faster than we had dreamt.

We started with 128 individual earrings (I just checked our first stock transfer) which felt like loads at the time. Today that would be less than a week’s stock.

We now have a great team preparing your orders in our own offices with Royal Mail and DHL now coming to us to collect them. I’m still very much involved but early morning trips to the post depot have been replaced by nappy changes and pre-breakfast playtime with my and Laura’s little boy.

From the start Laura and I knew that we wanted to control the business ourselves. We care about the quality of our products, customers’ experience and ensuring everyone we dealt with was treated well.

As the business took off, we knew we didn’t want to match demand by outsourcing production to Chinese factories or customer service to fulfilment centres. We didn’t want investment from shareholders pushing us to cut costs. Instead, we’ve employed brilliant people and seen our suppliers grow alongside us.

We’ve often found ourselves running to keep up with demand. Add in a global pandemic disrupting global supply chains and there have been times when we’ve found ourselves out of stock of many of our most popular items. Trust me we’ve been at least as frustrated as this as you have.

As we pass our third birthday I feel that the operational part of our business is finally running smoothly. Thank you to everybody who has supported us during our first three years.

With our new website coming soon and new collection now live, I hope that we can provide you with a Laura Bond experience that is better than ever.

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