The Team's Treasures: Chloe - LAURA BOND jewellery

The team's treasures: Chloe

When did you get your first cartilage piercing?
"I think I was around 14 when I got my first cartilage piercing. It was at a tattoo and piercing studio and my mum had to come along with me because I was too young to go alone. I got my helix pierced with a sparkly hoop and I absolutely loved it! My huge love for piercings (and tattoos!) was definitely sparked from that moment. I now have a total of 15 piercings and 17 tattoos."
What is your current favourite piercing?
"My current favourite piercing is my septum piercing. It's the first piercing of mine that you see and I feel that it expresses my style really well. I love changing it up between a solid gold hoop or a sparkly hoop if I'm feeling fancy."
What is your stack style?
"I like my stack to complement what I wear on a day to day basis. I usually wear casual, minimalistic clothing so I like to make my curated ear really sparkly - the more sparkles the better! I love playing around with different sizes of huggies and hoops whilst adding in some charms for added dimension and movement."
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